Popping in for a Special Event?

Grab some refreshments at our Duluth, MN farm

Kenwood Farms in Duluth, MN hosts several fun and exciting family-friendly events throughout the year. Whether you come for a few hours or the entire day, our food at the farm is perfect for the whole family.

Stop by today for tasty treats and refreshments.

Delicious favorites to please the entire family

We offer concession classics such as:

  • Brats
  • Walking tacos
  • Pizza
  • Popcorn
  • Cotton candy
  • Chips
  • Pop

We rotate our menu frequently to keep things fresh for each event. Stop by our event food cart while you're visiting our farm in Duluth, MN.

The products are simply delicious. You don't have to take our just word for it. Here's what our customers say:

Wow! There's so much in these packages! And at a great price! (referring to our freeze dried treats and how others pack air in their packages to make it look like you're getting more)

The salsa is amazing! I came here just for that. ( a happy customer who came to a event we were at)

They just listen. They listen to their customers. I asked for a certain type of candy freeze dried and they made it. They even delivered!

I feel like family there. They remember me and what I like. It's great to see families working together like that.

The price is unbeatable. The stuff tastes great. I'll be back.

So many sizes and flavors! Every time I come here, there's something new and delicious to try.

I stopped at the new store and can't believe they are getting my favorite candy in the store soon. The candy I grew up with is almost impossible to find, but they did. Yum!!

My kids love 3D things. I collect the dragons. So cute!