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Preserve Your Favorite Fruits and Veggies

Shop our selection of freeze-dried goods in Duluth, MN

Do you want to make your fruits and vegetables last longer? Do you want to stock up on your favorite herbs? Kenwood Farms offers freeze-drying services at our Duluth, MN farm for your produce, herbs, meals and candy.

Freeze-dried goods can be eaten in their dried form, or you can rehydrate them back to their original form. Freeze drying differs from dehydrating in that foods are placed into a vacuum chamber set to 70 degrees below zero. The chamber is then in vacuum mode and the water is vacuumed out of the product. You will notice that more sugary foods will expand while less sugary foods won't change form. When packaged properly, this process can preserve food for 15 to 20 years.

Get freeze-drying for your food products. Contact us today to learn more.

5 fun perks of freeze-dried foods

Our freeze-drying services don't just extend the shelf life of your favorite goods. Freeze-drying also:

  • Lets people with braces enjoy a wider range of food
  • Preserves the flavors better than traditional dehydrating
  • Makes food safer for camping
  • Doesn't remove any nutrients or health benefits
  • Is more affordable than you might think

You'll love the flavor and convenience of your freeze-dried goods. Call 218-576-8995 to set up a time to bring your food in.

Here are some of our freeze dried skittles we call frittles.

We flavor them as well. They come in 3x5 bags for $5, 4x6 bags for $8 and 5x8 for $10. We do larger for special orders. This is for all flavors.